The goal at Shasta Cider Company is to produce a uniquely flavored beverage.  The flavor profile is completely dry, meaning all of the sugar is converted to alcohol, thus there is no residual sugar.  No back sweetening is used either.  The flavor profile leans towards the acidic on the ph scale leaving a crisp feel in the mouth.   Carbonation is added to round out the profile and give a bit of lift without overdoing it.  The presentation is clean and clear, yet no filtration is used.  The apple comes through bold and true.  The secret is simple; a proper yeast for fermentation, and time to age, develop, and mature.

This is a hand crafted, small scale, limited production product.  It's intent is not for the masses.  Rather, 'tis for the discerning, and adventurous sort, those desiring to reach beyond the pale.